Vesein Tal Umatar

Saying Vesein Tal Umatar Levaracha: A. When does one begin saying Vesein Tal Umatar?[1] Eretz Yisrael: Those who live in Eretz Yisrael begin saying Vesein Tal Umatar Levracha starting from Maariv of the 7th of MarCheshvon. Diaspora: Those living in the Diaspora begin saying Vesein Tal Umatar etc on the […]

Mashiv Haruach

Mashiv Haruach Umorid Hageshem: What is the request of Mashiv Haruach?[1] The purpose of the prayer of Mashiv Haruach is not to request for rain. This request only begins in the month of Cheshvon with the request of Vesein Tal Umatar Levracha. It is rather an introductory prayer of appeasement […]

Tachanun after Sukkos

Tachanun:[1] Tachanun is omitted until the beginning of Cheshvon. Tzidkascha is not recited on the Shabbos in between. [1] Siddur Admur; Custom brought in Magen Avraham 669/1; Shaareiy Teshuvah 131/15; Seder Hayom [in end of section regarding Sukkos]; Kneses Hagedola; Peri Chadash 131/6 [entire month of Tishrei]; Chesed Leavraham Mayan […]