Ayin Hara-Part 2- Segulos to be saved from Ayin Hara

Ayin Hara Part 2-Segulos to be saved from Ayin Hara:[1]

The following are some of these suggested Segulos to be used against the evil eye. These Segulos are to be respected, as following them is included in the Mitzvah of “Vinishmartem Meod Linafshoseichem.”[2]

  1. Saying Beli Ayin Hara:[3] One is to be very careful to recite Beli Ayin Hara whenever he mentions a matter that the evil eye can befall. This applies whether one is saying something about himself or about another person.[4] The Rebbe was accustomed to reciting Beli Ayin Hara on numerous occasions.[5]
  2. Ben Porat Yosef:[6] To be safe from the evil eye that comes suddenly one is to say: I come from the descendants of Joseph. One is to then say the verse[7], “Ben Porat Yosef Ben Porat Alei Ayin.”
  3. Veyaakov Ish Tam:[8] In some Sefarim it says to also say the verse[9] “Veyaakov Ish Tam Yosheiv Ohalim.”
  4. Veani Berov Chasdecha:[10] One is to also say the verse[11] “Veani Berov Chasdecha Avo Veisecha Eshtachaveh El Heichal Kodshecha Beyirasecha.”
  5. Vayisa Balam Es Eiynav:[12] One is to also say the verse[13] “Vayisa Balam Es Eiynav Vayaar Es Yisrael Shochen Leshivatav, Vatehi Alav Ruach Elokim.”
  6. Chamsa: The Chida writes that the custom of the world is to say the word Chamsa as a protection from the evil eye. It is due to this reason that they also make a wooden replica of a hand with five fingers, with the name of G-d engraved into it.
  7. The Ruda plant:[14] Carrying the Ruda plant is a great Segula against the evil eye.


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