Wine that was left uncovered

Wine which was left opened:[1] One may not recite Kiddush over wine that has been left open/revealed.[2] If it stayed opened for only a short amount of time:[3] Nevertheless, if the wine remained open/revealed for only a short amount of time, one does not need to be so stringent to […]

Laws of Yichud in Taxis

Yichud in a taxi:[1] When a woman takes a taxi with a male taxi driver, or a man takes a taxi with a female taxi driver, the possibility of a Yichud prohibition arises. This is dependent on several factors as will be explained: People/cars outside: If the windows of the […]

Beginning of Avodas Habeirurim

Beginning of Avodas Habeirurim: Avraham Avinu began the Divine mission of refining the sparks of Tohu that fell into the worlds. This power however was only given to Avraham after he fulfilled the Mitzvah of Mila, as prior to doing this Mitzvah the Kelipa of Noga covered over the level […]

Wishing good Shabbos after Mincha on Shabbos

Wishing good Shabbos after the time of Mincha:[1] There is a known custom not to wish good Shabbos or say Shalom Aleichem between Mincha and Maariv on Shabbos, during Bein Hashmashos.[2]   _____________________________________________________________   [1] Piskeiy Teshuvos 292/8 in name of Sefer Matamim and Otzer Minhagei Yeshurun; Mentioned in Makor […]