Washing hands with salt/ soap/fats

Washing ones hands with salt/ soap/fats:[1] It is forbidden to wash ones hands in salt and certainly with soap or other fats. The reason for this is: because [the material] dissolves in ones hand and is as if one has created a new substance on Shabbos which resembles a forbidden […]

Putting ice in liquid

Placing ice into a glass of liquid: [1] One may place ice into a glass of wine or water during the summer in order to cool down [the drink] into which [the ice] melts on its own. One need not worry [that doing so transgresses any prohibition].   Placing ice […]


Important Note: The following laws deal with what constitutes the prohibition of cooking on Shabbos and not the Rabbinical prohibition associated with placing cooked food on or very near a fire on Shabbos. Regarding when one may place a food on or very near the fire even when the food […]


  Introduction: The following section will discuss the laws of cooking on Shabbos. The first chapter deals with the definition of cooking and what foods may be heated on Shabbos and which may not. The second chapter will discuss the ramifications of one who has transgressed and cooked, or did […]