The Daily Tanya Summary (2 book series)




The intent and format of the Sefer:
Many scholarly and academic books of translations and explanations of the Tanya have been printed and made available to the English-speaking public. The intent of this book is not to serve as a translation of the text found in the Tanya, or as a depiction of every detail mentioned in Tanya, which has already been done justice to in the various works currently available. It certainly does not take the place of learning Tanya in the Hebrew original which connects oneself and one’s soul to the Holy words of the Alter Rebbe, in Lashon Hakodesh. The purpose of this book is to serve as an overview and summary of the Tanya which is to be used as a tool to review the Sefarim of Tanya, and as a quick reference guide of reminders for the topics discussed in its various chapters. It is perfect for those who study the daily Tanya and feel lost in middle of a certain segment of a given chapter not knowing why something is being discussed or for what purpose. The summary with its titles and subtitles gives the reader a general map of the Tanya chapter by chapter, and explains each segment so even the quick learner of the daily Tanya can quickly grasp that which he studied that day.

While the book is not a translation of the words, we tried as much as possible to keep the original wording of the text when writing the chosen segments. This is mainly due to the fact that various sentences of Tanya contain different ways of interpretation, as brought in the Mefarshim, and when not necessary, we did not formulate the summary in accordance to a specific Mefareish, but simply dictated the words of the Tanya. However, in mitigating circumstances, we chose one of the commentaries out of the many commentaries, most notably from Tanya Mevueres and Lessons in Tanya, to help us summarize a certain matter properly and clearly. In majority of cases, these additional commentaries have been added to the brackets.

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