Iskafya on Shabbos?

Should one do “Iskafya[1]” on Shabbos and refrain from delving into lavish delicacies?[2] It is clear that both on the Halachic[3] and esoteric[4] aspects of the Torah it is a Mitzvah to embellish in Oneg Shabbos, by eating delicacies and drinking fine beverages, and the concept of sanctifying oneself with […]

Kavod and Oneg

The mitzvah of Kavod and Oneg Shabbos:[1] A Biblical or Rabbinical precept: There are two matters regarding Shabbos that were expounded on by the prophets. These are the Mitzvah to honor Shabbos [i.e. Kavod Shabbos] and Oneg Shabbos.[2] These two Shabbos obligations [to honor and enjoy it] are in truth […]

Shopping for Shabbos

When to go shopping:[1] It is best to purchase foods which require further preparation[2] on Thursday, as opposed to Erev Shabbos.[3] Readymade foods, such as beverages and different readymade desserts and the like, are better to be purchased on Friday. If the store will close and one has not yet […]

Making Dye

Making dye on Shabbos:[1] It is forbidden to make dye on Shabbos, such as by soaking pigment in water, [due to the dyeing prohibition[2], or alternatively due to the kneading prohibition[3].]   General Q&A May one use Q-tips on Shabbos? This is allowed.[4] [1] Magen Avraham 320/25 brought also in […]

Dyeing skin/makeup

Dyeing ones skin with pigment/Applying makeup: [1]   In the process of eating: There is no problem involved at all in [dirtying] ones hands and face with the pigment of the food that he is eating, as [the] coloring [prohibition] only applies towards an item which is commonly dyed. Applying […]

A bleeding wound

Treating a bleeding wound on Shabbos:[1]      Placing a [non-designated] cloth on a wound: It is forbidden to place a garment on a wound that is bleeding. The Reason is: because the blood will dye it. Now, although one is ruining [the cloth in this dyeing, as he is simply staining […]

Dyeing Foods

Dyeing foods[1] One is permitted to place turmeric in food and there is no need to worry [that doing so] is [transgressing the] coloring [prohibition] as there is no coloring [prohibition involved] in [dyeing] food. Getting pigment on ones bread:[2] If one dyes his bread with the pigment of fruits, […]