6 Constant Mitzvos

The constant Mitzvos:

The Poskim[1] enumerated a list of Mitzvos that one has the ability to constantly fulfill throughout the day being that they are not limited to any specific time, place or action. These are:

  1. Belief in Hashem
  2. Not to believe in the existence of any other G-d.
  3. The unity of Hashem
  4. Love of Hashem
  5. Fear of Hashem
  6. Not to swerve after one’s heart and eyes.


To download a pdf of the sources, [1] Sefer Hachinuch in his introduction [brought in Biur Halacha 1]; Chayeh Adam Klal 1/5; The Sefer Chareidim [introduction] lists 6 constant positive commands and 7 constant negative commands