Daily Chumash Metzora Sunday-The laws of the purification of a Metzora


Parshas Metzora

Pesukim: 90 [Siman: עידו]

Haftorah: Melachim 2 7:3-20



Number of Mitzvos:

There are a total of Eleven Mitzvos in Parshas Metzora; Eleven positive commands and Zero negative commands. The following are the commands in the chronological order that they are brought in the Parsha.


A. Positive:

1. Mitzvah 173/Positive 79: To follow the process instructed for purifying Tzaraas, such as to take two birds, the cedar wood, hyssop, crimson wool, fresh water and do as instructed for the purification.

2. Mitzvah 174/Positive 80: To shave off all the hair of the body of a Metzora.

3. Mitzvah 175/Positive 81: To immerse in a Mikveh when one desires to purify oneself from impurity.

4. Mitzvah 176/Positive 82: For the Metzora to bring a Karban when he is cured.

5. Mitzvah 177/Positive 83: To follow the laws instructed regarding a house which has grown Tzaraas.

6. Mitzvah 178/Positive 84: To attribute laws of impurity to a Zav.

7. Mitzvah 179/Positive 85: For a Zav to bring a Karban after he is healed.

8. Mitzvah 180/Positive 86: To attribute laws of impurity to one who expels or touches Shichvas Zera/semen.

9. Mitzvah 181/Positive 87: To attribute laws of impurity to a Niddah.

10. Mitzvah 182/Positive 88: To attribute laws of impurity to a Zava.

11. Mitzvah 183/Positive 89: For a Zava to bring a Karban after she is healed.



  1. The laws of the purification of a Metzora:
    • The following are the laws of a Metzora on the day of his purification when he is brought to a Kohen. The Kohen is to come visit the Metzora outside of the camp. If the Metzora is seen to be healed of his Tzaraas, the Kohen is to begin his purification process.
    • The first stage of purification: The Metzora is to take two birds, cedar wood, a wool string, and hyssop. One bird is to be slaughtered and have its blood poured into an earthenware vessel that is filled with water. The cedar wood, a wool string, and hyssop are to be bound and dipped into the water and blood. The live bird is to also be dipped into the vessel. The above items are then to be sprinkled seven times onto the Metzora. The bird is then to be let free. The Metzora is to wash his clothing and shave all his hair and immerse in a Mikveh. He is then able to enter the camp. He must however remain outside his tent for another seven days.
    • The second stage of purification after seven days: On the seventh day, he is to have all his hair shaved a second time. He is to wash his clothing and immerse in a Mikveh.
    • The Karbanos on eighth day: On the eighth day, he is to take two unblemished male lambs and a female lamb in its first year, and three tenth-ephahs of flour and one Lug of oil. The Kohen is to place the Metzora in front of the opening of the Heichal, before Hashem. One lamb is to be offered as an Asham with the oil and then they are both taken and waved before Hashem.

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