Smoking cigarettes-Part 1-The Halachic debate of its permissibility

Smoking cigarettes-Is it permitted according to Halacha:[1]

A. The law:

There is no innate Halachic prohibition against smoking tobacco. The act of smoking tobacco is mentioned in numerous Poskim in regard to various Halachic matters[2], and was done by Gedolei Yisrael[3] of many generations as well as the average folk. It was even considered healthy to smoke, and satiates one as if he ate food[4], and was considered to contain medicinal benefits.[5] Nevertheless, due to the discovery of the lethal cancerous effects involved in smoking today’s cigarettes[6], the vast majority of today’s Poskim[7] hold it is Biblically forbidden to smoke cigarettes due to the command of “Vinishmartem Meod Nafshoseichem.”[8] Furthermore, writes the Chofetz Chaim, that one who weakens his body and health by smoking will certainly be brought to judgment on this for destroying the body that G-d gave him to serve Him.[9] Nevertheless, some Poskim[10] maintain that even today, despite the health hazards, smoking remains permitted, although it is advisable to abstain from doing so.[11]

Pasul Leidus: Some Rabbanim[12] hold that people who chain smoke are invalid as witnesses for any legal Halachic matter, such as marriage.[13]

One who already smokes: Some Poskim[14] rule that one who already is addicted to smoking does not transgress the above command.

B. Smoking in public and the Rebbe’s opinion:

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Other opinions-This command is merely Rabbinical: Some Poskim rule that there is no Biblical command to guard one’s safety and that it is merely a Rabbinical injunction. [Possible implication of Michaber ibid who rules a transgressor only gets Makas Mardus; Levush Y.D. 116:1; Beir Hagoleh C.M. 427 Ayin leaves this matter in question; Shivim Temarim Ayin Daled 1, 4 writes that it is merely Rabbinical and that the verse is a mere Asmachta; Rabbeinu Yerucham  Nesiv 15:30; Semak 171; Divrei Malkiel 4:62]

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[11] The reason: As any matter which the public is accustomed to doing, even if dangerous, Hashem guards and saves them. [Shabbos 129b regarding Erev Shabbos; Yevamos 12b and 72a; Kesubos 39a; Avoda Zara 30b; Niddah 45a; Sanhedrin 110] And the same applies regarding cigarettes. [Igros Moshe ibid; See Encyclopedia ibid; Ben Poras 11; So rule regarding talking while eating: Perisha 170:1; Elya Raba 170; Shaareiy Teshuvah 170:1; However, see Igros Kodesh 2:143]

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[13] The reason: As whoever knowingly transgresses a Biblical command is invalid as a witness. [Michaber C.M. 34:1-3; Sanhedrin 24] Now, although one who does a transgression due to ignorance of the prohibition involved is not invalid for testimony [Rama 34:4] nevertheless, regarding smoking, everybody knows that it is dangerous for one’s health.

[14] Mishneh Halachos 9:161; See Yalkut Yosef Kibud Av 2:55-56

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