What is the correct blessing to say over Twizzlers

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Blessing on Twizzlers:

The ingredients of Twizzlers: The Twizzler candy produced by Hershey corporation contains as main ingredients: Corn syrup, wheat flour, sugar, and cornstarch. As per the information received from the OU, who supervises the Kashrus of the product, the Twizzler contains 25% wheat flour.

The general law by products that contain flour:[1] All flour that is entered into food for the sake of adding taste and making it into its final product [of taste] is considered the main ingredient [Ikkur] of the food, even if the flour is a minority ingredient and is simply present to enhance the flavor of the majority food. Such a food receives the blessing of Mezonos.[2] However, if the flour is placed simply for the sake of texture or color [not taste], then the flour is considered the secondary ingredient [Tafel] and therefore the blessing would follow the main ingredient.[3] This, however, only applies if one does not at all intend to eat the flour, if however one also intends to eat the flour, even though his main intent is for the majority ingredient, then the flour is considered the Ikkur and its blessing is Mezonos.[4]

The law regarding Twizzlers: Clarifying the correct blessing to say over the Twizzler requires verification of the purpose of the flour ingredient. If its purpose is simply as a binder, and one has no intent to eat the flour, then its Ikkur/Main ingredient is considered to be the corn syrup and its blessing is Shehakol. If, however, the flour also serves to give taste to the product, and that is its intended purpose, then its blessing is Mezonos. Practically, the Hershy company does not divulge the intended purpose of the flour, and whether it is for taste or as a binder. A Kashrus representative of the OU, explained that companies do not really comprehend the difference between a binder and taste, as all binders also give taste, and contribute to the final taste of the product. Practically, Rabbi Yisrael Belsky OBM of the OU thoroughly reviewed the product, its ingredients and formulas and concluded the intended use of the flour is as a binder and not for the purpose of taste, and therefore its blessing is Shehakol. This would be the proper blessing even if we could not factually conclude that the flour is used simply as a binder, due to the fact that Shehakol is Yotzei a Mezonos food Bedieved, and therefore when in doubt a Shehakol is recited.[5] Certainly one cannot recite a Mezonos over the Twizzlers, as perhaps its use is only as a binder, and the blessing of Mezonos would therefore be a Brach Levatala. Some[6] however maintain that due to the unclarity of the purpose of the flour it is proper for a G-d fearing Jew to say the blessing of Shehakol and Mezonos on two different foods.



One is to recite a Shehakol over Twizzlers, and not a Mezonos. Those who desire to be meticulous are to recite a Mezonos and Shehakol on two different foods


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