What if ones Nida wife needs help during labor

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What if ones Nida wife needs help during labor:[1]

Even if one’s wife is in need of help it remains forbidden to be lax in any of the laws of Harchakos once she has entered the Nida state [and rather he/she must ask others for help].[2] However, if she is in need, and there is no one else available, then one may help her.[3] Thus, if she is having a sudden home birth, he may catch the baby and do all that which is necessary for the birth.[4] [However, if she needs help getting into the taxi or ambulance, then the husband is not to help her get in if she is ready a Nidah rather the driver or other person accompanying her should help her in.[5]]


[1] Michaber 195:16; Kitzur 3:22-24; Toras Hayoledes 19:6

[2] Michaber ibid

[3] Based on Rama ibid and the fact she is considered Bechzkas Sakana once she has reached a Nida state due to labor.

[4] Toras Hayoledes 5:4; See Toras Hayoledes 32:1 regarding if a husband who is a doctor may arrange to help his wife give birth, and that it may not initially be done.

[5] Toras Hayoledes 19:6

Holding her hand: See Toras Hayoledes 32:1 regarding if one may hold his wife’s hands during birth if she is asking him to do so and there is danger involved. [See Pischeiy Teshuvah Y.D. 195:17; Minchas Yitzchak 5:27]

Pouring water into her mouth: See Toras Hayoledes 32:1 footnote 5 that seemingly it is permitted to pour water into her mouth if no one else is available to do so.

Holding the oxygen mask to her mouth: See Toras Hayoledes 32:1 that the husband may hold the oxygen mask to his wife’s mouth is others cannot do so.

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