The Biblical prohibition

The Biblical prohibition- Tanning and salting skins:[1]

The principal prohibition-Tanning skin: One who tans skin is [transgressing one of] the principal prohibited actions being that in the [building process of the] Tabernacle they would tan the skins of the techashim and rams.

The secondary prohibition-Salting skin: One who salts the skin is liable for [the prohibition of] tanning being that salting is one of the necessary components in the tanning [of leather].
No Biblical prohibition by foods: However one who salts raw meat, even if he salts it increasingly in order so that it last for a long time and not get spoiled [in the interim], is not liable being that there is no Biblical prohibition of tanning foods.


Summary- The Biblical Prohibition:[2]

The Biblical prohibition applies only to salting and tanning skins, as opposed to meat or foods.

[1] 321/2

[2] Halacha 2

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