Saying Kiddish Levana in nice clothing

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Saying Kiddush Levana with nice clothing:[1]

When saying Kiddush Levana during the weeknights one is to [change his cloths and] wear elegant clothing. [However it is no longer the custom to be particular to change clothing when saying Kiddush Levana during the weeknights.[2] Nevertheless, practically one is to follow the above ruling and change to elegant clothing.[3] At the very least one should wear the Shabbos Kapata.[4] The Rebbe[5] in his later years stated that one is to take special care to recite Kiddush Levana with nice, elegant clothing and that doing so is connected with the final and complete redemption.]


[1] Admur in Siddur; Rama 426/2; See also Michaber ibid that one is to say it on Motzei Shabbos “when his clothing are elegant”.

[2] M”B 426/7 in name of Elya Raba in name of Kneses Hagdola. Likewise many Achronim did not record this ruling of the Rama.

[3] As rules Admur in Siddur; Peri Chadash [brought in Kaf Hachaim 426/24]

[4] Peri Chadash ibid

[5] Sichas Noach 1992 brought in Shaareiy Halacha Uminhag 2/179

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