Saying Boruch Shem aloud

Saying Boruch Shem… aloud:[1]

Throughout Yom Kippur one says Boruch Sheim Kevod Malchuso… out loud in the Shema prayer.[2]



Are also women to say Baruch Sheim aloud?

Some[3] write this custom is not relevant to women as they cannot emulate the angles.[4]

[1] 619/9

[2] The reason: Originally the prayer of “Baruch Shem” Was only known by the angles, until Moses “stole” it from them. For this reason it is said quietly throughout the year. However on Yom Kippur, being that we want to emulate the angles, we therefore say it aloud. [ibid]

[3] Gur Aryeh Yehuda 82; Piskeiy Teshuvos 619/5

[4] This is similar to the ruling of Admur in 610/9 and 619/17 that women are not to wear a white clothing or stand throughout Yom Kippur as they cannot emulate angles.

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