Removing shabbos clothes

When after Shabbos may one remove his Shabbos clothing?[1]

It is proper to wear at least some of one’s Shabbos clothing until after Havdala on Motzei Shabbos. [Some however have the custom to not remove their Shabbos cloths until after eating Melaveh Malka.[2] Others only remove them prior to going to sleep.[3] It is told of the Rebbe Rashab that he would remove his Shabbos clothes immediately after Shabbos, not wanting at all to wear them during the weekday. However of the Rebbe Rayatz it is told that his father the Rebbe Rashab told him to follow the custom of Chernobyl to not change his Shabbos clothing on Motzei Shabbos, and so is the custom of the Rebbe.[4]]


[1] 262/3

[2] So rules Kaf Hachaim 262/28 as the extra soul does not depart until after Melaveh Malka. [300/106]

[3] Brought in Leket Yosher that so was the custom of his teacher the Terumas Hadeshen.

[4] See Kitzur Halachos Miluim p. 56

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