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Regulating one’s bathroom usage: [1]

A person should accustom himself to always use the bathroom in the morning and evening, as this is an act of alacrity and cleanliness and brings one to holiness. [One should check if he needs the bathroom prior to prayer and meals in order for him to bless Hashem with purity of the body.[2]]

[1] Kama 2/8; M”A 2/8; Ketzos Hashulchan 4/1


In previous times bathrooms were not readily available in all homes or areas and hence many times a person would have to search for a quiet spot to use the bathroom. Hence Admur first suggests in 2/8 that one should accustom himself to use the bathroom in the morning and evening, during times that not many people are around, as otherwise he will need to walk a far distance to avoid people seeing him. Admur then adds that furthermore, even in areas that one has a private bathroom, he is to accustom himself as above due to reasons of cleanliness and purity.

[2] Sefer Chassidim 818 brought in Kaf Hachaim 3/51; See also Admur 7/4

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