Rebbe Rashab

Rebbe Rashab:

Born: Was born in 1860.

Became Rebbe: 1883.

Married: Was married in 1875.

Children: Had his only son the RAYTAZ IN 1880

Mamarim:[1] The Rebbe Rashab recited Mamarim on Shabbosim and Yomim Tovim. The Mamarim were usually said on Shabbos before Maariv. Usually, they would Daven Kabalas Shabbos, up until Mariv, before the Mamar was said. On Yom Tov, the Mamar was usually said on the second day, before Mariv. From the year 1668/1908 and onwards he would say a Mamar also during the Yom Tov meal.

Farbrengens: The Rebbe Rashab would only Farbreng and say Sichos three times a year.


[1] Ishkavta Derebbe p. 3

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