Putting ice in liquid

Placing ice into a glass of liquid: [1]

One may place ice into a glass of wine or water during the summer in order to cool down [the drink] into which [the ice] melts on its own. One need not worry [that doing so transgresses any prohibition].


Placing ice into a glass of liquid to melt:

It is permitted to place ice into liquid. [Although to crush it inside the liquid, or into the liquid is forbidden, as explained above in Halacha 1B].



May one pour liquid onto the ice in ones cup?[2]

It is forbidden to pour the liquid onto the ice being that doing so causes it to melt.[3]


May one pour some water onto an ice tray to help break the ice?[4]

Yes, as this is similar to breaking a piece of ice which is allowed due to that it only melts a minute amount as well as that the excess liquid goes to waste.


May one pour water onto salt/sugar and other dissolvable items?[5]

Yes, as they are hard and do not dissolve through the pouring and thus are not similar to the case of urinating on ice. Seemingly one may even pour hot water from a Keli Sheiny onto these substances as the amount that it will melt is only slight. Nevertheless regarding instant coffee since it dissolves immediately with the placing of water into it, it is best to prepare coffee essence with from before Shabbos and thus avoid any suspicion of prohibition.[6] Nevertheless if one did not do so he may do it on Shabbos itself.[7]


May one mix the ice cube in his drink using a spoon or the like? [8]

No, as by doing so one is actively causing the ice to melt which is similar to washing ones hands with icy water of which one is to be stringent against doing so.


May one place a dissolvable item such as sugar and instant coffee into liquid and then mix it with a spoon so it dissolves? [9]



May one place soap into a cup of liquid and have it dissolve and then use that to wash ones hands?



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