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Lag BaOmer Parade:[1]

It is an old Jewish custom, which is Torah, that on Lag BaOmer, the Yom Hillula of Rashbi, time is spent with Jewish children, both boys and girls. They are taken out to the fields or to a parade, in honor of the Hilulla of Rashbi. In each area the community leaders are to arrange a parade or gathering in honor of Lag BaOmer, each area in accordance to what befits it. The parade is to take place in a public area. The children are to be spoken to of the greatness of Lag BaOmer, and the character of the Rashbi, and that which they can learn from him. They are to be told Pesukim, and give Tzedaka. The event is to be separately attended by both men and women, in the ultimate standards of Tznius.


[1] Likkutei Sichos 37:121; See Hisvadyus 5743 3:1423 and 1425; 5748 3:269; 5749 3:160; 5750 3:149; Toras Hashlichus p. 374

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