The following set of laws will deal with the restrictions that apply to placing a fully cooked food on a fire on Shabbos. As although there is no cooking being done when one places a fully cooked food on the fire [as defined in chapter 318], nevertheless since it appears like one is cooking, the Sages restricted one from being allowed to do so, unless certain conditions are fulfilled.

  • Note: Regarding placing food on a Blech or electric plate, which is today the most common form of warming food on Shabbos, refer to Halacha 4 Q&A for the final ruling on this topic.[1]



Tanur oven: A Tipi shaped oven with room for only one pot on its top. Has the highest level of heat

Kupach oven: A square oven with room for one pot on its top .Has the middle level of heat.

Kirah oven: A rectangle shaped oven with room for two pots on its top. Retains the lowest level of heat. This is equivalent to our modern ovens and stove tops.

Michzi Kimivasheil: An action that appears like one is cooking.

[1] The forms of heating of an electric plate and blech covered stove are not directly discussed in the Shulchan Aruch. Only after a thorough understanding of the laws written by Admur, and their reasoning can one come to a conclusion of the law with regards to these heating systems. This topic is discussed in Halacha 4 below in the Q&A.

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