From the Rav’s Desk: Left baby monitor on

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Left baby monitor on

Question: [Friday, 14th Iyar 5780]

I have a baby monitor which I usually take out before Shabbos, but this Shabbos totally forgot to remove. It works with a sensor that turns on the monitor in my office and shows sound and video of the upstairs whenever someone makes noise near it. What was I supposed to do? Not enter the room the whole Shabbos? Its in our dining room, and would make it virtually impossible to get food from the kitchen and would force us to eat elsewhere and be very quiet the whole Shabbos, as it is very sensitive to noise, as it should be.


Assuming that the camera works with LED light [or any light that does not become hot, as exist by all cameras that I am aware of], then this enters into the subject of a Rabbinical Melacha Shelo Nicha Lei, of which some Poskim are lenient, although some are stringent. Thus, while initially one must unplug the sensor from before Shabbos, if it was accidentally not unplugged one may be lenient to pass by the area and live life as normal without needing to tippy toe down the house.

See here for details of this matter: Piskeiy Teshuvos 277:7-8; Lo Nicha Lei: Halacha 3C

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