Correcting a parent for a mistaken Torah statement

Correcting a parent for a mistaken Torah statement:[1]

If one heard his parent say an incorrect and inaccurate Torah statement, he is not to tell the parent “Do not make this statement/Lo Tisni Hachi.” [Rather, he should simply say the accurate teaching in a respectful manner.[2]]


[1] Michaber 240:11; Kiddushin 32a [Rebbe Yechezkal was in the midst of teaching his son Rami a certain law and his son Rav Yehuda corrected his father telling him “You should not teach it this way”, and they went back and forth regarding the correct law. Shmuel who was present at the exchange of opinions and argument between father and son chastised Rav Yehuda for speaking in such a manner to his father.]; See Encyclopedia Talmudit Erech Morah Av Vaeim Vol. 42 p. 586

[2] See Ramah Kiddushin ibid; Beir Sheva Sanhedrin 110a; Encyclopedia Talmudit ibid footnote 258

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