Chametz Reminders

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Chametz Reminders:

One found Chametz on Chol Hamoed: If one performed Mechiras Chametz before Pesach, any Chametz that is found is to be swept into the area designated to the gentile, and is not to be burnt. See Chapter 2 Halacha 9!

Not to touch Chametz: Throughout the entire Pesach one is forbidden to touch Chametz, with exception to when one is doing so for the purpose of burning it. See Chapter 2 Halacha 13!

Entering sold areas: It is permitted on occasion to remove items from the closets or rooms sold to the gentile for Pesach. See Chapter 5 Halacha 5!


May one rent a home or hotel room which was not cleaned for Chametz if he will arrive in middle of Pesach?[1]

It is permitted to rent a home or hotel room in the middle of Pesach even if it was not cleaned from Chametz.[2] However, one is to declare upon making the acquisition of the rental that he does not intend to acquire any Chametz that is there.[3] Immediately upon arrival to the home or hotel room, he must perform Bedikas Chametz to the room.[4] Nevertheless, a blessing is not to be recited.[5] If the room was rented from before Pesach, then if he was already given access to the room from before Pesach, then he must arrange for the room to be cleaned beforehand, as stated here and in Halacha 12C.




[1] See Piskeiy Teshuvos 437:1; Siddur Pesach Kihilchaso 12:8

[2] See Admur 448:3; 450:21 in parentheses; that his property does not acquire him the Chametz that is there if it is against his will; See Chapter 3 Halacha 10 regarding a gentile who brought Chametz into one’s home!

[3] Admur 448:4 that it is proper to be stringent to explicitly tell the gentile that one does not want one’s property to acquire the gentile’s Chametz for him.

[4] Pashut, as although the Chametz is not his we suspect he may come to eat the Chametz. One can choose to flush the Chametz down the toilet, or simply throw it out into a public area without using one’s hands. See Chapter 3 Halacha 10!

[5] Pashut, as it is not his Chametz and he does not have a command to destroy it. This is unlike Piskeiy Teshuvos ibid who writes a blessing is to be said.

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