Learning Miseches Sota during Sefira

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Learning Miseches Sota:[1]

It is customary to study Tractate Sota during the period of Sefira.[2] This is an old age Chabad custom and is a directive of the Rebbe Rayatz.[3] One studies one page per day. This is in addition to one’s regular study sessions.

Learning Miseches Shavuos:[4]

Some are accustomed to study Tractate Shavuos during the period of Sefira.


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[2] The reason: Possibly, the reason is because the Sota would bring an offering of barley, similar to the Omer offering. [Igros Kodesh 18:412] Just as barley contains good and waist, and needs to be refined, so too the Sota needs to be refined of her sin. [Toras Menachem 26:33] This connection is also revealed in the fact that Tractate Sota contains 49 pages, corresponding to the 49 days of the Omer. [Toras Menachem 5746 3:253]

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