Answering to one who is Chazan without permission

Answering Amen for one who did not receive permission to be Chazan or say Kaddish:[1]

One may not lead the prayers as Chazan against the will of the congregation. This applies even if he is a Chiyuv, such as an Avel.[2] Whoever Davenes as Chazan without permission and takes the podium with force and haughtiness, one is not to answer Amen for his blessings.[3] [Some Poskim[4] however rule that this ruling only applied during times that the Chazan would fulfill the prayer obligation of the community. However today being that everyone Davens themselves in addition to the Chazan, one may answer Amen for his blessings even when the position is taken by force.]

Kaddish:[5] One does not need to receive permission from the congregation to say Kaddish for his father [or mother].


[1] Admur 53/29; Rama 53/22 and 581/1; Agudah Brachos; Binyamin Zeev 163

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[3] The reason: As the verse [Tehillim 10/3] states “One who has done evil [of stealing] when he blesses he is blaspheming Hashem” [Admur ibid] See also Alef Hamagen 582/43 regarding answering Amen to one who Davens Shemoneh Esrei aloud.

[4] Aruch Hashulchan 581/5, based on Magen Avraham 53/20. Vetzaruch Iyun if Admur agrees with this opinion, as no mention of this logic is made in chapter 53.

[5] Admur 53/26; M”A 53/24; Maharik 30/3


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