An uneducated Jew saying Birchas Hatorah

Is an uneducated Jew to recite Birchas Hatorah even if he is unable to understand the words of Torah?[1]

Every Jew, including an uneducated Jew, is to recite Birchas Hatorah in the morning and then recite the verses of “Yivarechicha”.[2]

[1] Hilchos Talmud Torah 2/12; See also Ashel Butchach Avraham 47; Ksav Sofer 20; However see Sdei Chemed Mareches Beis Klalim 37 that nevertheless one must be aware that he is learning Torah by reciting these verses of Yivarechicha, and not that he is merely reciting a  prayer.

[2] As one who verbalizes the words of the written Torah fulfills his obligation even if he does not understand what he is reading. [ibid]

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