11. Weddings in Elul

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11. Weddings:[1]

The entire month of Elul is an auspicious time for weddings, even after the 15th of the month.[2]


[1] Darkei Teshuvah 179/8 in name of Bnei Yisaschar; Igros Kodesh 20/304; 22/313; 24/376 [printed in Shulchan Menachem 6/157]; Sefer Haminhagim p. 76; Tirosh Veyitzhar 111; Shulchan Haezer 4/8; Sdei Chemed Mareches Chasan Vikalah 23

[2] As Elul is a month of mercy and Divine will for the Jewish people. However some are accustomed to avoid weddings starting from the time that Selichos is begun by Ashkenazim. [Brought in Sdei Chemed Mareches Chasan Vikalah 23]

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