Hafrashas Challah 1

Separating Challah:[1]

The greatness of the Mitzvah:[2] The Mitzvah of separating Challah is very great. It corresponds in Gematria to all 613 Mitzvos.[3] In merit of this Mitzvah blessing is found in one’s home and livelihood[4] and women are protected during childbirth.[5] In merit of this Mitzvah we were granted ability to enter Eretz Yisrael.[6] Some are accustomed to give charity prior to separating the Challah.[7]

Praying for one’s children:[8] It is a great Segula to pray for one’s children upon separating Challah. One is to pray that one’s children be Tzaddikim, and G-d fearing Jews.[9]



[1] For a general summary of the order of Hafrashas Challah see Hakashrus 14/18-22; Piskeiy Teshuvos 242/11; Spice and Spirit Lubavitch cookbook p. 47-50 [The Halachas in Spice and Spirit were edited by Harav Y.K. Marlow OBM]; Hiskashrus 731


[2] See Hagahos Maimanis end of Hilchos Zeraim on Rambam for an overview of the greatness of this Mitzvah.


[3] The words “Zu Hi Mitzvas Hachallah” is Gemtraia of 613. [Hagahos Maimanis ibid]


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[9] The acronym of the name Chana stands for Challah; Nidda and Hadlakas Neiros. In merit of her fulfilling these three Mitzvos properly she had her prayers answered and had a son Shmuel which was a prophet and leader onto Israel. Thus each woman should Daven upon separating Challah to have children that are proper and G-d fearing. [ibid]


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