From the Rav’s Desk: Wearing secondhand clothing of a gentile


I heard that it’s forbidden or discouraged for one to wear clothing that was worn in the past by a gentile? Is this true? I would like to buy some secondhand clothing from a thrift shop which receives its clothing mainly from a Gentile clientele.



There is no issue with wearing clothing that was worn by a Gentile.


Although we find a number of hazards relating to the wearing of clothing, and a number of restrictions relating to the items of the Gentile, nowhere do we find recorded restriction or hazard against wearing clothing that was once worn by a Gentile. I believe this is a misconception that derives from the idea that one should not dress like a Gentile, which is in reference to a Gentile wardrobe and style of dress, and not to a physical article of clothing that the Gentile happened to have worn in the past.

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