Daily Tanya 11th Iyar-Chapter 48: Contemplating the creation and its Soveiv and Mimalei Divine lights


Chapter 48: Contemplating the creation and its Soveiv and Mimalei Divine lights

 (LY) 11th Iyar

  1. Contemplating that G-d’s light is infinite:
  • When an intellectual individual contemplates the greatness of the infinite G-d, [he will come to the realization] that His Divine light and vitality, in truth has no end or limit at all.
  • The infinite light of G-d shines forth from His simple will [without any cause or limitation] and is united with Him, with His essence and being in absolute unity.

  1. What if the world were to be created from G-d’s infinite light?
  • Now, if the worlds would have descended and derived from this infinite light, without contractions, and would simply follow a gradual descent from level to level in a way of cause and effect [i.e. Ila Vealul], then this physical world would not have been created at all in its present form of limitations and confinements.
  • No physical limitations of space: For example, it would not contain a limited distance of 500 years from the earth to the firmament, and from one firmament to the higher firmament. Likewise, each firmament would not contain the limited space worth of five hundred years.
  • Even the spiritual worlds are limited: Furthermore, even the upper spiritual worlds are limited [and would not have been created in their present form were the creation to derive from Hashem’s infinite light.]

  1. Souls and angels are also limited:
  • World to come, and Gan Eden: Even the world to come, and the higher Eden where the souls of Tzadikim rest, are all limited and finite.
  • Souls and angels-Limited comprehension: Likewise, all the souls, and it goes without saying the angels, are limited and finite as they have a limitation to their level of comprehension in the infinite light of G-d that shines to them and is invested within their Chabad, intellectual capabilities.
  • Limited enjoyment: Thereby, souls and angels contain limitations to the enjoyment which they receive from the ray of the Shechinah and the pleasure they get from the light of G-d. They are unable to receive an infinite level of enjoyment and pleasure, lest they become nullified from their existence and return to their root and source.

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