From the Rav’s Desk: Is the animal soul also eternal just like the G-dly soul?

  1. Question: [Thursday, 23rd h Adar, 5783]

I’ve always wondered regarding whether or not our animals soul is eternal and will be around in the future era? I know that the G-dly soul is eternal and will reap the future reward, however, what will happen with our animal soul? Will we no longer have one? Will it be destroyed together with the evil of the world? If it won’t exist in the future, then will we no longer have any physical pleasures and lusts?


The animal soul of a Jew is eternal similar to his G-dly soul. Hence, both are animal and godly soul will together experience a future era.

Explanation: The Alter Rebbe explains in Likkutei Torah that the animal soul of a Jew contains a natural unholy fire and passion within him. Now, through prayer we are able to elevate this foreign passion and fire contained within the animal soul towards the fire of G-dliness and holiness. Every day of our 70-80 years in this world is given to us for the sake of exhuming these foreign fires of our animal soul and elevating them into holiness, until our animal soul is completely refined and elevated to a degree that it is considered holy itself. In his words, “as in a Jew the powers of the animal soul is eternal and becomes a throne for holiness. (This is in contrast to the Gentiles and idolaters of which their animal soul weakens and dissipates [as the days go on] and they do not have an elevation at all.)

Sources: See Likkutei Torah Bamidbar 40c Shelach

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