Daily Chumash Friday – The complaint for meat and the Slav birds

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  • Vayehi Binsoa: When the Aron traveled, Moshe would say “Arise Hashem and disperse your enemies and let those who hate you flee.” When the Aron rested, Moshe would say “Reside tranquilly Hashem, among the myriads of Jewish people.”


  1. Fire breaks out in the Camp:
  • The people complained in an evil way before G-d, and G-d heard and became angry. A fire shot forth from G-d and consumed those at the edge of the camp. The nation screamed to Moshe and Moshe spoke to Hashem and the fire subsided. That area was called Taveirah, as the fire of G-d consumed there.


  1. The complaint for meat and the Slav birds:
  • The lust for meat: The mixed multitude amongst the Jewish people lusted after meat, and they and the Jewish people cried and complained that they do not have meat. They said, “We remember the fish, cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions and garlic that we ate in Mitzrayim for free and now all we have is the Mun before our eyes.”
  • The Mun: The Mun was like a coriander seed and was the color of the Bedolach. The people would gather it and grind it in the mill, or mortar, and cook it into cakes. It tasted like dough kneaded with oil.
  • Moshe is angered and confronts Hashem for help in the leadership: Moshe heard the people crying with their families by the entrances to their tent. Hashem became very angry and it was bad in the eyes of Moshe. Moshe turned to Hashem and complained as to why He has caused him evil by placing the entire burden of the nation on him, as if he has born them and must carry them in his bosom to the promised land. “From where do I have meat to give them all that they should complain to me. I can no longer carry the burden of this nation alone, and if this is your decision then please kill me and do not see my suffering.” Hashem said to Moshe that he should gather 70 elders of Israel and bring them to the Ohel Moed where they will receive from the spirit of Moshe and be able to carry the burden of the nation together with him.
  • Hashem promises meat: Hashem instructed Moshe to tell the nation to prepare themselves tomorrow to eat meat, as you have cried to the ears of Hashem saying it was better off in Egypt where you had meat. You will have meat for thirty days until it comes out of your nostrils and become repulsive to you.
  • Moshe does not believe Hashem: Moshe replied to Hashem that it is not possible to feed 600,000 souls in the desert for a full month. Even if you slaughter all the flock and cattle and fish it will not suffice them. Hashem chastised Moshe saying that the hand of G-d is not limited, and that he will see that Hashem’s word will be fulfilled.
  • Moshe gathers the 70 elders and makes them leaders: Moshe left and informed the Jewish people of Hashem’s words. He gathered 70 elders and positioned them around the Ohel Moed. Hashem descended with a cloud and spoke to Moshe and He set aside from the spirit of Moshe onto the seventy elders. When this happened, they began to prophesize. Two people remained in the camp, one called Eldad and the second Meidad, and they prophesied there. A youth ran to inform Moshe that Eldad and Meidad were prophesying in the camp. Yehoshua told Moshe that he should finish off with them. Moshe, however, replied that there is no need to be zealous for his sake and if only Hashem would make them all prophets.

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