Checklist for putting on Tefillin-Removing and Rabbeinu Tam-Part 3

Checklist for putting on Tefillin-Removing and Rabbeinu Tam-Part 3

Removing the Tefillin

  1. The Chabad custom is not to remove the Tefillin until after the Kaddish which is said after Tehillim. At the very least, it should not be removed until after the Kaddish that is said after Uva Letziyon.
  1. One stands while unwrapping the straps from the hand and while removing the head Tefillin. [Law] The hand Tefillin is also to be removed in a standing position.
  2. One first unwraps the Shel Yad straps from the hand/palm, and only then removes the Shel Rosh. [Custom] The Rebbe Rashab would also first remove several straps from the forearm. 
  3. One is to remove the Shel Rosh with the left hand. A lefty should use his right, and weaker, hand, to remove his head Tefillin. [Law]
  4. Look at the two Shin’s of the Shel Rosh. [Hiddur of Kabbalah]
  5. Kiss the head Tefillin prior to placing it back in its case. Some also kiss the Daled. [Custom]
  6. The Daled of the Shel Rosh is to be placed on top of the Mabarta area of the case and not under it.
  7. Wrap the strap around the Batim and not the Batim around the strap.
  8. Wrap the straps on the two sides of the Tefillin like the wings of a dove, by both the Shel Yad and Shel Rosh. [Chabad custom]
  9. Some do not remove the hand Tefillin until the head Tefillin is properly wrapped and inserted into the bag. The Chabad custom is not to be particular in this matter.
  10. Remove the Shel Yad, kiss it, and enter it into its case, wrapping it as stated above.
  11. One is to make sure that the Yud is approximated to the actual Bayis through the hole in the case.
  12. Place the head Tefillin on the right side of the bag and the hand Tefillin on the left side of the bag. [Custom]

Tefillin of Rabbeinu Tam

  1. After the completion of Shacharis and the recital of Tehillim wear the Tefillin of Rabbeinu Tam. Initially, it is proper to put it on in close approximation to the Davening.
  2. A blessing is not recited. [Law]
  3. Many Chabad Chassidim have a tradition to open the loop of the knot of the Yud prior to the wrapping and then fasten it. [Chabad custom]
  4. Remove the plastic protective covering from the Shel Yad. [Chumra and custom of Chabad Rebbes]
  5. Some are accustomed to place the plastic covering back onto the Shel Yad after finishing the wrapping of the forearm, prior to putting on the head Tefillin. [Custom of Rebbe] The Rebbe Rashab was particular to cover the Shel Yad with his sleeve before putting on the Shel Rosh. According to all, however, it is forbidden to take time to place a long shirt or sweater sleeve over one’s forearm, for the sake of warmth.
  1. Do not speak between wearing the Tefillin Shel Yad and Shel Rosh of Rabbeinu Tam even though a blessing is not said. One may answer Amen in between the wearing of the Shel Yad and Shel Rosh.  However, one may not answer Baruch Hu Ubaruch Shemo in-between.
  2. Recite all three paragraphs of Shema, including Vayomer, without repeating Hashem Elokeichem Emes in its conclusion. One is to also read the paragraphs of Kadeish and Vehayah Ki Yiviacha. One is to try to learn Torah for about an hour while wearing the Tefillin.

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