Walking on grass

Walking on Grass:[1] It is permitted to walk on grass on Shabbos, even barefoot, despite the fact that doing so may cause certain blades of grass to rip from the ground.[2]   Q&A May one walk quickly on blades of grass? Some Poskim[3] rule it is forbidden to walk quickly […]

Using plants or grass

Making use of plants and grass on Shabbos:[1] It is permitted to make use of grass, plants, soft canes[2], weeds, vegetables[3] and any soft produce of the ground, even when they are still attached to the ground.[4] It is however forbidden to move any of the above items with one’s […]

Hammock and swing

May one lie on a hammock which is attached to a tree?[1] If the hammock is directly attached to the tree in an area that is above 10 Tefach from the ground the hammock is forbidden to be used in all cases.[2] If the hammock is not directly attached to […]

Tree in a pod

May one make use of a tree which grows in a pod?[1] If it is three Tefach tall, then one may not make use of it from three Tefach and above. Hence such a pod may not be moved even within one’s house, as doing so is considered making a […]

Tree house

May one climb into a tree house on Shabbos? No. If however the tree house is built in a way that it never makes direct contact with the tree, and is rather being supported by a second item which is supported by the tree, including the ladder[1], then it is […]

Using trees

Making use of trees on Shabbos:[1] The Sages decreed against making any use of a tree on Shabbos due to worry that if this were to be allowed one may come to climb the tree and remove fruits, leaves, or branches from it. This decree applies equally to all trees, […]

Noise to chase away animals

Making noise to chase away animals and birds:[1] One should[2] not chase away animals and birds from his orchard through clapping his hands together or against his thigh or by stamping his feet on the ground, if this is done in the normal way that it is done during the […]

Clapping, dancing and snapping

Clapping, dancing and snapping one’s finger on Shabbos:[1] May one sing or whistle? [2] It is permitted to sing or make any form of musical notes with one’s mouth, such as whistling or imitating the playing of an instrument.[3] Clapping: One may not clap his hands against each other or […]


Are toys which are not designated specifically for noise or music making, but do so in the process of being used, considered Muktzah? Example: A toy train which makes sounds when moving. If the toys are battery operated they are MM”I. If they are mechanical, then if they make music […]

Instruments Muktzah?

Are instruments which are designated to make music or noise Muktzah on Shabbos? Designated for music:[1] Any item which is designated to make musical notes is MM”I on Shabbos, and hence may only be moved for their space or a permitted use, and not to save from damage. [If the […]