Using Muktzah to clean oneself

Using Muktzah materials to clean oneself from a bowel movement Introduction: The following chapter will discuss the laws of Muktzah items as they relate to being used for cleaning purposes after going to the bathroom. In addition other laws regarding using the bathroom are dealt with in this chapter. One […]

Muktzah on Yom Tov

The laws of Muktzah on Yom Tov:[1] A. The laws of Muktzah relevant on Yom Tov in contrast to Shabbos: It was already explained in the laws of Shabbos that the Muktzah prohibition applicable on Shabbos is only with regards to Muktzah Machmas Chisaron Kis, which was explained in chapter […]

The law of Nolad

A. The stringent opinion by Nolad, its definition and the Final Ruling:[1] There are opinions which say that every Muktzah which is permitted on Shabbos is [likewise] permitted on Yom Tov, however all [items which are] Nolad are forbidden both on Shabbos and on Yom Tov. What is Nolad? Something […]

Moving vessels of assembled parts

Moving vessels which are made up, or appear to be made up[1], of assembled parts[2]: Moving a candelabra: A candelabra, whether large or small, if made up of assembled parts, is forbidden to be moved even for the sake of using it [for a permitted use] or for its space, […]

Summary of catagories

Summary of the Muktzah categories: [1] Three categories of Muktzah by items which are vessels: [In conclusion of the above] we find that we have learned that there are three different categories of Muktzah by [items which have the status of] vessels. Two [of these categories] are permitted to be […]

Muktzah Machmas Mitzvah

Muktzah Machmas Mitzvah refers to a category of Muktzah in which its items have been set aside from being used by Bein Hashmashos due to their designation for a Mitzvah use.  The following are case examples of the application of this form of Muktzah.   A. May one use a […]

Keli SheMuktzah Machmas Miuso

Keli SheMuktzah Machmas Miuso/A vessel which is avoided due to its repulsiveness:[1] Any item which has the status of a vessel is permitted to be moved on Shabbos, in the circumstances that will be explained.  [Furthermore] even a vessel which is designated for forbidden work which is [also] set aside […]