Uprooting plants and other growths from their source:[1] A. The general rule: One who uproots any plant growth from its source is liable for the prohibition of “uprooting an item from its source of growth”. One who uproots with an irregularity, such as using his teeth, is Biblically exempt, although […]


The following chapter will discuss the laws of treating illnesses on Shabbos. Healing on Shabbos is in it of itself a Rabbinical prohibition even when done without any other Shabbos transgressions. At times healing is allowed even when it involves transgressing other Shabbos prohibitions in the process, and at times […]


Watering plants and grass:[1] One who waters seeds[2] in order so they grow is liable for the plowing and planting prohibition.[3] Therefore it is forbidden to pour liquid over grass, plants, [trees[4]] and the like. May one wash his hands over grass, plants, or weeds? It is forbidden to wash […]

Fallen fruits

Fruits which fell off a tree:[1] All fruits which have fallen off a tree on Shabbos are forbidden to be eaten until after Shabbos[2] and are therefore Muktzah[3]. [Furthermore, even if there is doubt as to if the fruits fell on Shabbos or beforehand it is forbidden.[4]]   Q&A Are […]

Scenting branches and leaves

Scenting branches and leaves that are detached from the ground: [1] It is permitted to move scented branches and leaves [which have become detached from the ground before Shabbos].[2] One may even rub the branches and pluck off leaves [with his hands] in order to increase its scent.[3] [It is […]

Smelling fruits, flowers and plants

Smelling fruits, flowers and plants that are still attached to the ground:[1] Fruits and vegetables: It is forbidden to smell any edible food which is still attached to the tree or ground due to a decree one may come to remove the fruit in order to eat it.[2] Example: It […]

Walking on grass

Walking on Grass:[1] It is permitted to walk on grass on Shabbos, even barefoot, despite the fact that doing so may cause certain blades of grass to rip from the ground.[2]   Q&A May one walk quickly on blades of grass? Some Poskim[3] rule it is forbidden to walk quickly […]

Using plants or grass

Making use of plants and grass on Shabbos:[1] It is permitted to make use of grass, plants, soft canes[2], weeds, vegetables[3] and any soft produce of the ground, even when they are still attached to the ground.[4] It is however forbidden to move any of the above items with one’s […]

Hammock and swing

May one lie on a hammock which is attached to a tree?[1] If the hammock is directly attached to the tree in an area that is above 10 Tefach from the ground the hammock is forbidden to be used in all cases.[2] If the hammock is not directly attached to […]

Tree in a pod

May one make use of a tree which grows in a pod?[1] If it is three Tefach tall, then one may not make use of it from three Tefach and above. Hence such a pod may not be moved even within one’s house, as doing so is considered making a […]