Are toys which are not designated specifically for noise or music making, but do so in the process of being used, considered Muktzah? Example: A toy train which makes sounds when moving. If the toys are battery operated they are MM”I. If they are mechanical, then if they make music […]

Instruments Muktzah?

Are instruments which are designated to make music or noise Muktzah on Shabbos? Designated for music:[1] Any item which is designated to make musical notes is MM”I on Shabbos, and hence may only be moved for their space or a permitted use, and not to save from damage. [If the […]

Examples of noise making items

Examples of noise making items that may not be used to intentionally make noise with on Shabbos: Bell Gragger; Ratchet Whistle Door Knocker Q&A May one ring bells or other instruments with an irregularity?[1] No.[2]   May a child play with toys that make music or noise? Some Poskim allow […]

Using an instrument or vessel

Making sounds, rhythms or music on Shabbos using an instrument or vessel:[1] Making sounds of music with an instrument: It is forbidden to make the sound of music, including a mere tune[2], on Shabbos, using any instrument or vessel, even if the instrument or vessel is not a musical instrument[3].[4] […]

Moving a corpse on Shabbos

The laws relating to moving a corpse on Shabbos Introduction: The following chapter will discuss the laws of Muktzah as they relate to a corpse. It will mention under what circumstances a corpse may be moved and carried outside, in which ways it may be moved, and what actions may […]

Using Muktzah to clean oneself

Using Muktzah materials to clean oneself from a bowel movement Introduction: The following chapter will discuss the laws of Muktzah items as they relate to being used for cleaning purposes after going to the bathroom. In addition other laws regarding using the bathroom are dealt with in this chapter. One […]

Muktzah on Yom Tov

The laws of Muktzah on Yom Tov:[1] A. The laws of Muktzah relevant on Yom Tov in contrast to Shabbos: It was already explained in the laws of Shabbos that the Muktzah prohibition applicable on Shabbos is only with regards to Muktzah Machmas Chisaron Kis, which was explained in chapter […]

The law of Nolad

A. The stringent opinion by Nolad, its definition and the Final Ruling:[1] There are opinions which say that every Muktzah which is permitted on Shabbos is [likewise] permitted on Yom Tov, however all [items which are] Nolad are forbidden both on Shabbos and on Yom Tov. What is Nolad? Something […]