Muktzah Machamas Gufo

Muktzah Machamas Gufo-Items which do not have the status of a vessel: A. The definition and law: [1] All the above [categorizations] are with regards to items that have the status of a vessel. However any item that does not have the status of a vessel, and is not food […]

Muktzah Machmas Issur

Muktzah Machmas Issur-Items designated for forbidden use: A. Its definition      A vessel which is designated for a use forbidden to be done on Shabbos [and one is not particular against using it for another use[1], is defined as MM”I].[2] What is the status of a vessel which is designated both […]

Muktzah Machmas Chisaron Kis

Muktzah Machmas Chisaron Kis-Items of value which are only used for their set purpose: A. Its definition: This [type of Muktzah to be discussed in this Halacha] is called Muktzah Machmas Chisaron Kis.   Merchandise: Vessels that one is not particular against using[1] :Vessels which one set aside to not […]

The General Rules Of Muktzah

A. May one move a Muktzah item using parts of his body other than his hands?[1] Moving in an irregular way: All Muktzah [items] are only forbidden to be moved in the regular way that they are moved during the week, which is through using one’s hands. However it is […]

The Reasons behind the Muktzah Prohibition

This article is an excerpt from our Sefer Buy here What are the reasons behind the Muktzah prohibition?[1] The Sages prohibited moving certain items on Shabbos in the way they are regularly moved during the weekday.[2] The following are the reasons recorded: The First reason- In order that one rest:[3] […]


Our sages decreed that one may not move certain items on Shabbos in their usual way. This chapter will discuss the details of this restriction, with regards to which type of vessels the restriction applies, and what forms of moving are restricted. There are different categories of Muktzah, each having […]

Learning Torah immediately after

Learning Torah directly after Havdala:[1] It is a proper custom to begin one’s week with Torah learning and hence learn Torah immediately after Havdala. One who does so is assured to be successful in his Torah learning of that coming week.   May one recite Pesukim from Tanach on Motzei […]

Vayiten Lecha

After Havdala[1] one recites Vayiten Lecha.[2] It is recited even on a Motzei Shabbos that Vayehi Noam is omitted such as when Yom Tov falls during that week.[3] [Our custom[4] is to say it together with another person, possibly in order so each one blesses the other.[5] Some are particular […]