Putting on a bandaid

May one place a band-aid on a wound on Shabbos?[1] Doing so may involve the tearing prohibition when opening it and the sewing prohibition when applying it. Opening the band-aid: Some Poskim[2] rule that the band-aid must have its wrapping as well as its white plastic sheet which covers over […]

Brushing hair

May one brush his/her hair on Shabbos?[1] Using a brush:[2] It is forbidden to brush [hair] with a brush on Shabbos, even with those [brushes] made of swine hair. The reason for this is because: it is impossible to avoid removing hairs in the process. Using ones hands:[3]  However it […]

The Tearing prohibition

Tearing sewed items and separating items that were glued together? See Volume 2 “The Laws of Cutting and Tearing items on Shabbos” for the full elaboration on this subject. Below [in the gray table] is a brief summary which relates to the tearing prohibition that corresponds to the sewing prohibition. […]

Styling hair

May one style their hair or undo the style on Shabbos?[1] It is forbidden for a woman to braid her hair on Shabbos, or to undo the braid. However she may split the hair[2] [through the middle having the hair on the right part of the head brushed to the […]

The Gluing prohibition

Gluing things together:[1] One who attaches papers or skins with glue of the scribes and the like is [doing] an offshoot of the sewing [prohibition] and is liable.   Summary: It is forbidden to glue items together on Shabbos.   Q&A May one use scotch tape on Shabbos to tape […]

Removing a nail or skin

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Pulling a thread

Pulling a thread to tighten the connection between the parts of clothing:[1] A clothing which was sturdily sewed and its thread was left sticking out[2], and two parts of the clothing slightly split apart from each other with the threads of the sewing sticking out, then if one pulls the […]

Removing hair or nails

Removing one’s hair and nails:[1] The general rules: Cutting one’s hair or nails with a vessel: If one cuts his hair or nails with a vessel he is liable. By hair he is liable even if he only cuts two hairs. If he cut only one hair he is exempt […]

The Sewing prohibition

The Biblical prohibition-Sewing a stable set of stitches:[1] One who sews two stitches and [makes] a knot [at its end], or three stitches even if he does not make a knot [at its end] is liable [to bring a sin offering]. However [one who sews] two stitches and does not […]

The General law

The Av Melacha-Shearing wool from skin:[1] One who shears hair or wool from a living or dead animal, whether the animal is domestic or wild, or even [if he shears wool/hair] from removed skin, he is liable [for a sin offering]. Doing so is amongst the principle Shabbos Melachas as […]