When on Erev Shabbos is one to begin the preparations for Shabbos?

When on Erev Shabbos is one to begin the preparations for Shabbos?[1]

Begin the preparations in the morning:[2] One is to always wake up early on Erev Shabbos in order to begin working and preparing for the needs of Shabbos in the morning of Erev Shabbos.[3]

Add in preparations also by Bein Hashmashos:[4] Aside for the preparation done in the morning one is to also add in preparation during twilight.[5] [This refers to prior to sunset, as after sunset it is forbidden for one to do any Melacha.[6]


It is a Mitzvah to begin preparing the food in the early morning, and then later during Bein Hashmashos.


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[3] This is hinted to in the verse [Exodus 16:5] regarding the gathering of the Man of which it states that the Man was gathered in the morning of each day, and regarding Erev Shabbos the verse states “And it was on the 6th day that they prepared that which was brought”. This implies that they immediately began preparing the Shabbos foods after gathering the Man, which, as said, took place in the morning. Hence today we too begin the Shabbos preparations in the morning. [ibid]

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