Watering plants on Chol Hamoed

Watering plants on Chol Hamoed:[1]

It is permitted to water plants on Chol Hamoed for purposes of damage prevention, such as to prevent the plants from withering if they were to not be watered. It is, however, forbidden to water plants if there will be no loss or damage involved with the plant if one were to refrain from watering it during Chol Hamoed. [Accordingly, each plant product that one has in his home, or garden, is to be individually assessed as to whether a lack of watering it during Chol Hamoed will cause it to wither, and only then is it allowed to be done. This applies whether to flowerpots, vegetable gardens, or fruit trees.[2] Accordingly, if it suffices for the plant to be watered only once a week then it should be done prior to the start of the holiday and it will hence not be necessary to water it during the holiday.[3]]



It is permitted to water plants on Chol Hamoed for the purpose of loss prevention, such as to prevent it from dying or withering.


May one spill water over grass or over a plant on Chol Hamoed, such as when washing hands or emptying his cup?

It is permitted for one to spill water over grass or over plants on Chol Hamoed if he is no intent to water the plant by doing so, such as while washing hands.[4] Nevertheless, some Poskim[5] are stringent not to spill water over plants during Chol Hamoed, even in the process of washing hands.


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