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May one use the secular dates verbally or in writing?[1]

The years: Some Poskim[2] rule it is Biblically forbidden to write secular dates.[3] Other Poskim[4] however rule it is permitted.[5] Practically, the custom is to be lenient as did many Gedolei Yisrael.[6] However, those who are meticulous only write the last two digits, or write “Liminyanam/for their count”, or also write the Hebrew year.[7]

The months in numbers: It is questionable whether it is permitted to write or say the secular month in numbers, such as 01 for January. The reason for this is because some Poskim[8] rule that the Torah commanded us to count Nissan as the first month. Accordingly, if one counts any other month as the first one transgresses the Biblical command.[9] Practically, it is best to be stringent to avoid using numbers for the secular months.[10] One is to rather use the English names if he needs to.[11]

The months in English names:[12] It is permitted to call the months by their secular names.

Weekdays:[13] One may call the weekdays by their English name.


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