Shemira for a Chasan and Kallah after the wedding

This article is an excerpt from our Sefer “Topics in Practical Halacha” Volume 1 E.H. Halacha 15

Shemira for Chasan and Kallah after wedding:[1]
It is forbidden for a Chasan [or Kallah[2]] to go outside alone in the marketplace [or any area[3], both by day or night[4] during Sheva Brachos].[5] The Chasan and Kallah are to only go out with an escort.[6] Due to this, the custom became amongst many Chassanim not to go to Shul throughout the Sheva Brachos, as there is no one found to escort them to and from Shul.[7] [Practically, if the Chasan does not have a Shomer to escort him he is not to go to Shul.[8]]



May the Chasan and Kallah go out alone together?
Many are accustomed to allow the Chasan and Kallah to go out alone together.[9] The Chabad custom however is to have an escort even when the couple goes out together.[10]

May a Chasan or Kallah be alone in their house?[11]
No. Even at home they are to have a Shomer when they are alone, [however when both the Chasan and Kallah are together, no Shomer is required].

May the Chasan go out alone to perform a Bris or be a Sandek?[12]
No, unless no one else is available.

Can the Chasan go out alone if his Kallah forgives her honor?[13]

May a child be a Shomer?[15]
A child may not be a Shomer.

May a gentile be a Shomer?[16]

May two Chassanim and two Kallah go out together?


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