Owning Non-Kosher food & the problem with leaving the Hafrashas Challah in ones freezer

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May one own non-Kosher food in his home?[1]

It is forbidden to own non-Kosher food in one’s home for a long period of time, due to fear one may come to eat the food. The food is thus to be discarded.

How long may the non-Kosher food remain in one’s home?[2] All non-Kosher foods may remain in one’s home for a short period, which is between one to two months. This however is with exception to Chametz on Pesach which may not be owned at all, even for a short time, even if owning it does not transgress Baal Yiraeh Ubaal Yimatzeh [such as if he did Bittul and it is less than a Kezayis].[3]

Non-Kosher Bread: Some Poskim[4] rule that non-Kosher bread [such as bread that was made with wormy flour] may not be kept at home for even a small amount of time.[5] Other Poskim[6] however are lenient, and so is implied to be the opinion of Admur.[7]




May one leave their Hafrashas Challah in the freezer and save it to burn by Biur Chametz?

It is forbidden to leave it in one’s home for more than one-two months.[8] Furthermore, according to some Poskim[9], it is forbidden to do so for any amount of time and it must be discarded right away.



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