Oneg Shabbos

What matters are included within the Mitzvah of Kavod and Oneg Shabbos?

  • Oneg Shabbos: Eating delicacies of food and beverages[1] was defined by the Sages as the requirement of the Mitzvah of Oneg Shabbos[2] and it is the main aspect of Oneg.[3] The following sub-categories are included within this Mitzvah:
    • Eating 3 Shabbos meals with bread, as bread is the main part of a meal.[4]
    • Eating hot foods on Shabbos is included within honoring Shabbos and within Oneg Shabbos.[5]
    • Lighting candles on the table in which one eats.[6]
    • Sleeping on Shabbos is included within Oneg Shabbos.[7]
    • Marital relations on Shabbos is included within the Mitzvah of Oneg Shabbos.[8]
    • Not to have any thoughts regarding mundane activities, and rather viewing all of one’s needs and worries as already taken care of by G-d, is included within Oneg Shabbos.[9]


[1] Such as meat, fish and wine

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[4] 529/3-4 regarding Yom Tov that this is the definition of Oneg. It requires further analyses why this was not mentioned regarding Shabbos, neither in 242 [which simply defines Oneg as eating delicacies] or in 274 1-4 which discusses the laws of having three meals on Shabbos. There it is mentioned that the obligation of eating bread is hinted to from verses in the Torah and no support for its obligation is brought due to it being considered part of Oneg Shabbos. Furthermore, the reason mentioned for ones obligation to eat bread is because of the verses discussing the “Mon” eaten in the desert and not because of the Mitzvah of Oneg Shabbos. Vetzaruch Iyun. To note that in 249/10 and 254/8 Admur mentions that eating bread is the main part of the Shabbos meal, although this does not necessarily connect to the idea of Oneg.

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