Ikkur Vitafel: The Bracha on Ice cream in a cone; Cereal and milk and cheese cake

What blessing is to be recited over ice cream in a cone?[1]

One is to recite a blessing of Mezonos over the cone and then Shehakol over the ice cream.[2] If however one does not taste the cone at all and is simply using it to hold the ice cream then only a blessing of Shehakol is recited.[3]

What blessing is to be recited over cheese cake?[4]

One is to only recite a blessing of Mezonos.[5] [Some however write that if the Mezonos is very thin and is barely felt within the food then only a blessing over the cheese is recited.[6]]

What blessing does one recite when eating cereal and milk?[7]

One recites a blessing only on the cereal and not on the milk.

Leftover milk:[8] The milk that is leftover after eating the cereal does not receive a blessing even if one desires to now drink it alone.

A lot of milk:[9] If one is placing a large ratio of milk into the cereal in a way that his main intent is on the milk and not on the cereal then he must recite a blessing over the milk, and if the milk contains Mezonos cereal then a blessing of Mezonos is also recited [prior to the blessing of Shehakol].

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[2] Piskeiy Teshuvos 212/14 that when there is a large amount of filling one always recites both blessings; See 168/9; Seder 3/7 that one always says the blessing on the Mezonos. However that is referring to a case that they were baked together. In this case since the cone and filling are made separately, consequently they each receive their designated blessing as each one is not nullified to the other, as explained in 3/1 regarding when both are an Ikkur.

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