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To Purchase this Sefer [1]

The organizations and individuals which collect Matanos Laevyonim to be distributed on Purim, may not use any excess moneys they received for other charitable purposes.[2] Rather all the donations must be distributed to paupers. However the paupers themselves may use the money for whatever purpose they choose. [Thus they may use the money to buy any item for anytime, and they do not have to use the money specifically to buy food for Purim.[3]]

[1] 694/2; M”B 694/6; Kaf Hachaim 694/29

[2] See M”A 694/5; Kaf Hachaim 694/32 that some Poskim rule although the collectors cannot change the use of the money nevertheless the community has the power to do so.

[3] M”B 684/9; Kaf Hachaim 694/35

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