Waking in the morning checklist


Checklist of waking up[1]


1.    Prepare a basin filled with water near the bed prior to going to sleep.

2.    Think of Hashem: As soon as one awakens in the morning he is to think that Hashem is standing over him and waiting for him to get up and serve Him. One is to then immediately recite Modeh Ani which verbally expresses this thought.

3.    Modeh Ani: Immediately upon awakening, prior to washing ones hands, one should place one hand against the other, lower his head, and say Modeh Ani. One should say it while still sitting or lying on his bed, not standing. One who sits up on his bed is to do so without placing his feet on the ground

4.    One then immediately proceeds to wash his hands. He takes the washing basin in his right hand and then pass it to his left hand.[2]

5.    One then pours over ones entire right hand up to his wrist.

6.    One then takes the vessel into his right hand and pours on his left hand. One repeats this order another two times, hence washing each hand three times inconsecutively.

7.    One then immediately proceeds to the bathroom, discarding the water into the sink or toilet.

8.    One then rinses his mouth.

9.    After using the bathroom one is to wash his hands a second time inconsecutively. A towel is used for this washing.

10. One then rubs his hands together while still wet and dries his hands.

11. After they are dry one lifts them separately to the height of his Peiyos [ears].

12. One then recites the blessings of Al Netilas Yadayim, Asher Yatzar and Elokaiy Neshama.

13. One then washes his face.

14. One then gets dressed under the covers or in the bathroom.

15. One gets dressed in a way that he gives precedence to his right side. One first wears his upper clothing and then his lower clothing.

16.One ties his left shoe first.

17. One is to put on a belt, hat and shoes.

18. One recites Birchas Hashachar as close as possible to awakening, prior to leaving to Mikveh or Shul.

19. One goes to Mikveh. One is to first wash his head and then his right side and then his left side.


[1] The checklist has been compiled based on the Halachos discussed within the Sefer “Awaking like  Jew”.  For further information on the details of an item on the checklist, refer to its Halachic section.

[2] See Chapter 4 Halacha 7 Q&A regarding a lefty!

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