Toiveling new gift vessel for Mishloach Manos

  1. Question: [Sunday, 12th Adar 5783]

For the Mishloach Manos gift basket that I am distributing to friends and neighbors I purchased a small glass bowl which I will fill with candies and chocolates. Do I need to immerse these glass bowls in a mikvah before I put the candy into them? Or should I not immerse them at all and have the people receiving it immerse it, and what if they are not religious and will not immerse it?


You should not immerse the glass bowls and should rather have it immersed by the recipient. You should write a note on the item stating that it needs to be immersed. You should avoid packing food directly into the vessel, and should rather place the food in a plastic bag. [Thus, for example, rather than place chocolates directly into the glass bowl put in a plastic bag and then place it in the glass bowl.] If you are gifting it to a non-frum Jew who you cannot bring to Toivel it in a Mikveh, then you should Toivel it without a blessing.

Explanation: A vessel which is purchased from a gentile by a Jew for the sake of selling and business, and not for personal use, is not obligated in Tevila. Hence, it does not suffice for a seller to immerse a vessel, and it must be immersed by the buyer. Many Poskim conclude that the same applies regarding a present, that the person who purchases the gift is not obligated in the Tevila, and it is only valid when immersed by the receiver of the gift.


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