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To how many people is one to send Mishloach Manos? [1]

One is to send Mishloach Manos to at least one person.[2] One who sends to more than one person is praised for doing so.


The Rebbe’s custom:

It was accustomed for the Rebbe Rayatz [and Rebbe] to distribute three Mishloach Manos on Purim day.[3] One to a Kohen, one to a Levi and one to a Yisrael.[4] This custom is not meant as a public directive.[5] The Rebbe would distribute a Mezonos food and a bottle of wine or Mashke.[6] The Mishloach Manos were given several minutes after Shacharis.[7]


[1] Michaber 695/4

[2] The reason for why by Mishloach Manos one is to give to only one person while by Matanos Laevyonim one is to give a present to two people is because Mishloach Manos is given to the wealthy and hence it suffices to give it to one person. However Matanos Laevyonim is given to paupers and hence one is to increase the amount of people it is given to. [M”A 695/12]

[3] Sefer Haminhagim p. 173; See Darkei Chaim Veshalom 849 that he would distribute to three important people. 

[4] Otzer Minhagei Chabad 143; The Rebbe sent to Rav Eliyahu Kuwint as a Kohen; Rav Shmuel Levitin as a Levi [after his passing the Rebbe sent to Shmuel David Reitchik] and Rav Chadakav as a Yisrael. [ibid]

[5] Sefer Haminhagim ibid

[6] The Tzemach Tzedek would send a bottle of wine to the Divrei Nechemia as one of the two Manos. [Teshuvos Eliezer brought in Yagdil Torah Yerushalayim 13/113; Otzer Minhagei Chabad 151] The Rebbe Rashab was accustomed to send a small cake together with a bottle of wine. [Otzer Minhagei Chabad 141-142] The Rebbe would likewise send a Mezonos food [Haman-Tashen] and a bottle of Mashkeh. In later years the Rebbe added fruits to the package. [Otzer Minhagei Chabad 147] The Rebbe would send Mishloach Manos to a number of Admorim. This Mishloach Manos would consist of a bottle of Benedictine and some fruits. [ibid 150]

[7] Otzer Minhagei Chabad 146

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