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The order of the blessings?

In previous times: [1] The morning blessings were established to be recited as soon as one received the pleasure that the blessing corresponds to. Hence 1) when he awakens from his sleep he says Elokaiy Neshama; 2) when he hears the rooster crow he says Hanosein Lasechvy Bina; 3) when he wears his shirt he says Malbish Arumim; 4) when he rubs his eyes he says Pokeaich Ivrim; 5) when he sits he says Matir Assurim; 6) when he stands straight he says Zokeif Kefufim; 7) when he places his feet on the ground he says Roka Haaretz Al Hamayim; 8) when he puts on his shoes he says Sheasa Li Kol Tzarki; 9) when he walks he says Hameichin Mitzadei Gaver; 10) when he wears his belt he says Ozer Yisrael Begevura;
11) when he wears his hat he says Oter Yisrael Bisifara; 12) when he washes his hands he says Al Netilas Yadayim; 13) when he washes his face he says “Hamaavir Sheina”.

The order to be followed today:[2] [It is no longer accustomed today to say the blessings directly after receiving the pleasure, and rather the blessings are all read together in one order, as explained in the previous Halacha.] The order of these blessings is to follow the same order that the community is accustomed to receive the corresponding pleasures. Thus for example if in ones community one walks barefoot at home and only wears shoes upon leaving the house, then the blessing of “Hameichin Mitzadeiy Gaver“ is to be said prior to the blessing of “Sheasa Li Kol Tzarchi“. If they first put on the shoes and then walk, then the blessing of Sheasa Li Kol Tzarki is said prior to the blessing of Hameichin Mitzadei Gavar. (The same applies regarding the blessing of Pokeaich Ivrim and Malbish Arumim.) 

The order written in the Siddur:[3] The order of Admur written in the Siddur follows the order of the Gemara, together with the applicable changes based on today’s order of receiving pleasure, and based on the Arizal and Kabala.

[1] 46/2; The order listed here follows mainly the order written in the Gemara Brachos 60b with slight changes. These changes were made based on today’s order of receiving pleasure and for reasons mentioned in Shaar Hakolel 1/8.

The following is the order of the Gemara: 1) Asher Yatzar 2) Hamapil 3) Elokaiy Neshama, 4) Hanosein Lasechvy Bina 5) Pokeiach Ivrim 6) Matir Assurim 7) Malbish Arumim; 8) Zokeif Kefufim; 9) Roka Haaretz Al Hamayim; 10) Hameichin Mitzadei Gaver;

11) Sheasa Li Kol Tzarki; 12) Ozer Yisrael Begevura; 13) Oter Yisrael Bisifara; 14) Tzitzis 15) Tefillin of hand 16) Tefillin of head 17) Al Netilas Yadayim; 18) Hamaavir Sheina. [Shaar Hakolel 1/7]

[2] 46/5

[3] Shaar Hakolel 1/6; See Shaar Hakolel 1/8-11 for the reasons of behind the order of Admur in the Siddur.

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