The meaning behind Sefiras HaOmer

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The meaning behind Sefiras HaOmer:

  • The Omer is counted in order to commemorate the Temple offering of the Omer.[1]
  • The Omer is counted in anticipation for the receiving of the Torah on Shavuos.[2]
  • The Omer is counted in preparation for receiving the Torah out of purity of soul. The counting of the Omer purifies the soul of all impurities so it be able to receive the Torah. This counting applied especially after the Jews left the impurity of Egypt, in preparation for Matan Torah, and also applies today, after receiving the Torah, as on a spiritual level, the past occurrences [of the exodus and Matan Torah] reoccur each year.[3]
  • The counting of seven weeks is similar to the counting of the seven days of a Niddah, which is done as purification from her impure state, and allows her to enter into the Chuppah. Similarly, Hashem commanded us to count seven weeks so we leave the impurity of Egypt and enter the Chuppah with Hashem.[4]
  • The seven weeks which conclude with Shavuos on the 50th day corresponds to the seven cycles of Shemitah which concludes with Yovel in the 50th[5]


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